About Personal Loan

A personal loan refers to money that is borrowed from a financial institution, for personal (not professional or business) use. In opposition to larger and long-term loans, personal loans are taken into relatively short to medium terms. Generally personal loans are used to pay for one-time or short term expenses where a borrower (the person who is getting the loan) doesn't normally require disclosing the specific reason for the loan. This type of loan is used by many to resolve their current financial needs. A personal loan is taken for tenure of one to five years. Also these require lowest formalities and no collateral or security. It is a type of unsecured loan which can be availed on the basis of various criteria. Level of income, employment history, credit score and scope for repayment are those specific criteria. Considering these criteria and lender, the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of personal loan can be anywhere between 11.29% to 35%.

Why Should I Take A Personal Loan?

In every individual's life there comes a moment where you urgently need a specific amount of money which can't be covered by your savings. The amount can be needed for any personal reason like home renovation or vehicle repair, to pay unexpected medical bills, for wedding, travel, credit card outstanding balance transfer etc. Here the option of getting this desired amount via personal loan comes extremely handy.  

Why Choose Ruloans To Apply For Personal Loans?

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Features & Benefits of a Personal Loan

There are many reasons behind the popularity of taking personal loans. Go for personal loans by choosing any one or all from below
  • They have easy availability The main reason behind the popularity of personal loans is untroublesome availability. The personal loans can be acquired within 24 to 48 hours of loan application and submission of required documents. Almost all banks offer personal loans to its customer thus making it easily accessible.
  • They need minimum documentation Unlike the other long term or larger loans, personal loans require very little documentation. Thus these loans are approved quickly without any hassle.
  • They have easy availability The main reason behind the popularity of personal loans is untroublesome availability. The personal loans can be acquired within 24 to 48 hours of loan application and submission of required documents. Almost all banks offer personal loans to its customer thus making it easily accessible.
  • You get expeditious loan approval As many financial institutions offer personal loans and they require minimum documentation, they are approved quickly. When it comes to online personal approval, they are approved quickly where as the paper approval takes not more than one to two working days. The mechanism of approving personal loan is very easy, efficient and hassle free.


Banks offer personal loans to customers who fulfill their designed eligibility. The eligibility criteria changes from bank to bank and the profile of the borrower. But there are some commonalities which you have to follow or acquire to get a personal loan from any bank. Banks give personal loans by dividing their customer's profession and their income history. You can refer the following table for a gross understanding of bank's eligibility criteria:
Particulars Salaried Borrowers Self-Employed Borrowers
Age 21 years to 60 years 23 years to 60 years
Income Rs. 15,000 (Rs. 20,000 in metros) Turnover of minimum Rs. 24,00,000 (differs for professional and non-professional
Minimum Loan Amount Approved Rs. 75,000 @Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 3,00,000
Maximum Loan Amount Approved Rs. 15,00,000 Rs. 15,00,000 to 20,00,000
Loan Tenure 12-72 months 12-48 months
*The eligibility criteria differ from bank to bank. The above details are generic, not specific.

What are the Documents Required to avail a Personal Loan?

Particulars Salaried Borrowers Self-Employed Borrowers
Identity Proof Passport, Driving License, Voters ID or PAN Card Passport, Driving License, Voters ID or PAN Card
Address Proof Passport or utility bills Passport or utility bills
Additional Documents Salary slips for last 3 months Proof of highest professional degree
Proof of highest professional degree Latest Income Tax Return Balance sheet
Profit and Loss for last 3 years certified by CA
*The list of documents differs from bank to bank. The above given list is generic, not specific.

How can you repay your Personal Loan?

  • Interest rates Personal loans are easy to pay back. Depending on eligibility criteria, the borrowed sum, payback tenure, the interest rate varies on personal loan.
  • Easy EMI customers to use ultra modern facility of EMI calculator. The calculator comes with two scales: loan amount and tenure. Here borrowers can choose their desired loan amount and tenure to pay it off. The calculator tells you the interest rate, processing fee and can help you to choose most suitable loan option as per your budget
  • Flexible tenure You can pay off the loan in tenure of 1 to 5 years
  • By ECS The payment of decided EMI is done through auto debit or ECS facility

How to Apply For a Personal Loan on Ruloans

Applying for a personal loan on Ruloans involves few easy steps: How to Apply For a Personal Loan on Ruloans?
  • Step 1: Go to the 'Personal Loan' page on our website and click on 'Apply Now' box.
  • Step 2: Fill out the initial personal and financial information. Once completed, our loan calculator checks your eligibility with its highly efficient algorithm.
  • Step 3: Our loan calculator presents you a list of banks and NBFCs most suitable for you as per your eligibility criteria. The list will include the name of the financial institutions, interest rates, required document list etc
  • Step 4: From the given list, you can choose the financial institute of your choice. You can start filling up the form and upload the required documents. Here, if needed, you can call or mail our experts for advice. The contact details are given on our website.
  • Step 5: Your application will be sent electronically to the bank you selected. You will be informed about the status of your application via SMS, email or you can track it via website too..

Frequently Ask Questions

Yes, banks do charge a processing fee of 2-3% on the loan amount. But you can negotiate with the bank to reduce the fee.

Personal loans can be prepaid in parts or fully at any point of time. Some banks charge a prepayment penalty while some don't. Very few banks allow the part-prepayment. Thus read all the loan documents carefully before signing.

Yes, you can club your spouse's income in order to boost your eligibility to get a personal loan.

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