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Whether it is purchasing the latest machinery or improving the safety of your labor and warehouse, there are multiple reasons why a business requires a lot of funds until its existence. Most of the times, it is not possible to maintain so much of the capital in your working capital. Hence in such tough times, you can opt for a business loan and utilize those funds to purchase machinery, improve your working capital develop infrastructure, expand your business and much more.

When it comes to providing business solutions, HDFC has been one of the most effective market leaders and has provided customized solutions to different varieties of business all over India. When you apply for a business loan from HDFC bank, you can get a loan which suits your business needs and helps you get back on track.

You can check your HDFC business loan eligibility in 60 seconds*. This eligibility is important as on the basis of the details you provide, HDFC bank will be able to analyze your profile and will accordingly provide an interest rate for the business loan.

Your loan application status can be approved immediately if you can fulfill their eligibility. Since there are many more requirements, we have listed the minimum criteria required in order to apply for a business loan;
    • Minimum age - 21 years
    • Minimum Experience in current business - 3 years
    • Minimum turnover of business - 80,00,000*
    • Minimum Tax returns filed of business - 2 years
    • Amount (Max) - 75,000 - 80,00,000*
    • Annual Percentage (Minimum) - 16.00%*
    • Tenure (Minimum) - 12months*


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Frequently Ask Questions

The basic criteria are that you must be minimum 21 years old. Your turnover must be minimum 40 lakhs. The business must be running since 3 years at least and must be making profits for the last 2 years. There are many more criteria for HDFC business loan which you can check on their online portal.

For an HDFC business loan, documents required are related to identity, address, income, 6 months banking statements. They would need ITR computation for 2 years, Proof of continuation of business/Balance sheet, Sole proprietary /Partnership deed etc.

Loan amounts range from 75,000 up to 80 lakhs*. These loans can be taken on the basis of your requirement. Although you might not get the loan amount you desire if you cannot fulfill the criteria set by HDFC bank.

You need to be very clear with your loan requirement and how much amount. After that you must find the best deal being offered and apply to that Bank. Once your eligibility is cleared, HDFC Bank will analyze your credit score and documents which will result in an interest rate being derived. Once you sign on the loan application agreeing on their terms and conditions, your loan can be approved.

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